Frequently Asked Questions

Copyright and Brand

  • Am I allowed to upload images from this page (e.g. Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google…)?
    Per law it is not allowed to use and upload pictures without a personal permission. This also applies to non-commercial sites (e.g. blogs, Facebook pages) and uses, because these are always a free accessible publication! But we are always happy, if someone likes our work. We always like to support exciting content and we are sure, that we will find a solution in consultation. If necessary, we also provide more material. Just send us an email!
  • Am I allowed to link to the page via URL?
    Linking and sharing is permitted, of course. Naming the author and a clear link to the original source is always required, because this is the only way to help all the involved artists! Please use the following text:
    Costume & Design: Lenora Costumes
    Photo: (Please add photographer)
    All rights reserved.
  • Am I allowed to rework your designs?
    That´s a clear “No” – Don´t be disrespectul on other people´s intellectual property and work. On all designs the brand Lenora reserves all rights of ownership/ copyright. It is expressly forbidden to imitate, to copy or modify them. A reproduction in other colours or slightly different details is still a copy.
  • Am I allowed to modify Lenora products and resell them?
    Generally, a use for commercial purposes is not allowed. All creations of the brand Lenora are protected designs and not allowed to be altered or copied without permission. A resell of any product is just allowed if the item is in original state and labeled with an appropriate identification of the brand.


  • I did not find what I was looking for. Are there any more products?
    Then just contact us by e-mail and let us do something custom made for you! So we can refer to all your wishes and requirements individually.
  • Would you reproduce a product which is shown here?
    No, if it is marked as “unique”. But we would gladly create something new referring to the style for you. Collection pieces in our shop can be reproduced at any time.
  • I have made an own design. Would you sew it for me as custom order?
    All your ideas and wishes can be integrated into the concept during the design process. We do not, however, sproduce specific designs, which are not made by us.
  • Can I get a pattern?
    Basically, we do not sell our patterns, but only finished clothing.
  • Where are the patterns from?
    All patterns are self-developed.
  • Can I buy a fabric, which has been used for a costume?
    We sell exclusively finished clothing, no ingredients and fabrics. Unfortunately, we can not give you any sources for materials.

Prices and Payment

  • How a price is calculated?
    The price of a product includes several complex components. The development of clothing, in particular, is the most expensive part. These costs can only be distributed over several parts in the case of a larger production/ collection. It includes processes of designing, material concepts and making all the patterns.
    In addition, there are fixed costs e.g. for the use of machines, rent and fees, which are included in the pricing. Furthermore there are the direct material and production costs, as well as any taxes (such as VAT). In general, the more time ormore material required for a product, the higher the price in the end.
  • When do I have to pay?
    As soon as you order in the shop, you should transfer the indicated amount to our account (prepayment). We will ship the products only when the amount is received by us.
  • What if I do not like the costume or it does not fit?
    According to the revocation law, which you can read in detail in the Terms and Conditions, you can return each product to us within 14 days and cancel your order.

Other Topics

  • Can I apply for an internship?
    Unfortunately there is no capacity to supervise an intern.
  • Can I apply as employee?
    Currently there are no vacancies and no capacity for new employees.
  • Where can I find all news? Is there a newsletter?
    All current information can be found on the Facebook page and at the official website. A newsletter is currently not available, but you can subscribe to  the blog at Lenora Costumes.